Please, rethink!

I had planned a different post about the need for more women in digitalization – but will post that another time. 


Being grounded here in Vienna and with the closure of all public institutions, I have only one remark: digitalization would pay off right now!


What I mean is the fact that most cultural institutions are asking themselves, “How should we generate income if no one can leave the house?” 
How will you hold your talks, plays, discussions, lectures, exhibitions, etc. in the coming weeks? The answer would be: digitally. 


Digital distribution of knowledge production would offer the chances to have channels that work remotely, without a physical presence, and allow you to continue the discussion and planned program.


It is time that resources are invested in this, and here is a short list to reiterate why.


With a good digital knowledge distribution program:

-    You save on CO2 by reducing the physical visitors while actually increasing your overall audience
-    You create more inclusive and barrier-free opportunities
-    You create possibilities for audiences of a larger geographical area to participate hence strengthening your diversity in discussion
-    You are more flexible in times of forced closure to run programs
-    You open up monetization options on the long term


Time to take action now!


(And also: wash your hands, stay home and safe <3)