A Birthday Blog (yes, this blog is about not cancelled, but also, a little #tbt to the last year).

Since my birthday was this week, I would like to use this opportunity to look back and reflect a little. Again, we have a lot of new subscribers, so a huge welcome to those who are new – click here to find out what you can expect in your mailbox once a month(ish).

not cancelled

The most significant effect on our agency work goes back to not cancelled. Here's what's new:


-    Our subscription service with Zoom integration is ready! We offer a digital space to galleries where they can invite other galleries to create joint events. It’s now possible to host Zoom meetings directly embedded into the page, creating live events amongst the artworks. This is specifically practical for those whose collectors are unable to travel to the physical space.
-    We are planning to roll out another big wave of cities in the coming weeks, so follow us on Instagram ( to stay in the loop for when they launch.
-    We developed a digital art fair version and are happy to provide you with your own customised and unbranded version of our system. Shoot me an email, if that sounds like something you want to do.  ;)


Overall not cancelled is a great success and we are entering a maturity phase with the cities editions. With 11 iterations so far and over 110 registered galleries uploading thousands of artworks, our system proves to be scalable.
We are reaching a global audience. Our top ten traffic-driving countries are the U.S.A., Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands, the U.K., Switzerland, Poland, Italy and the UAE. We count over 22 thousand unique visitors and more than 34 thousand sessions, reaching an incredible duration of 3 Minutes average! We’re also happy to say that it’s not just traffic but also a good amount of sales happening via the platform.
We hope our contributions have helped support galleries with reach, sales and exposure. We couldn’t be more proud of this project.


1 year of


Incredible but true: we have rebranded just a little bit over a year ago (see here why).

Well, two steps forward one step back. Since then, we are more focused, professional and prepared than ever, and are proud to have acquired a large number of great new clients. 


1 year of success


And for the future? Many say post-corona will not be the same. But I can’t help myself but have an optimistic outlook on the future. I hope we can take away the best of what we learn in this pandemic and use it to create a better tomorrow. From our perspective, that would be a more inclusive, democratic accessible and sustainable art world.

While I do understand the sudden “online fatigue” with being overwhelmed by online happenings, I don’t agree: Just because you get a lot of invites doesn’t mean you have to go to all of them. I think it is funny that people criticise “too much” happening online while IRL only a few have an issue with Biennials, Art Basels, Manifestas, Gallery Weekends all opening in crazy quick successions. Everybody shows up to the remotest cities, spends money on a travel budget and leaves a huge economic footprint. This excludes a lot of people who don’t have the means to be a glamourous & arty globetrotter. Digitalisation gives us a great opportunity to make the art world a more accessible space. 
Maybe the online fatigue is also just because these fairs, online viewing rooms and other events are just not that good in terms of usability, functionality, overall experience or content, since they are still in their early days?
I think we are only at the beginning of our “online journey”. And the place it takes us is a more interesting one, getting better each day – and we are so happy to contribute to this.