Hello, 2021. The Year of Your Digital Ecosystem.

What a year this was. I hope you all managed to stay healthy, and I wish you a great 2021 that will hopefully bring us an end to this pandemic that taught us so much.


I think it is safe to say that a sustainable digital shift happened this year. A lot of the introduced measures for digitisation are here to stay.
It is mostly the smaller, independent entities that pushed forward in this domain, while the bigger institutions are lacking drive. Look at MACRO ( They managed to set themselves apart from the rest of the slow-moving crowd that still thinks successful digitisation is making a 45-minute long video of an exhibition walk.
Art Basel will probably have a hard time killing their OVR again ( and a lot of the blue-chip galleries push towards social media and content generating. With our involvement this year we also introduced quick pop-up online fairs like n-c and are also working on new clients (big and small) that point to an optimistic digital future.


So, are we done yet? Not quite. Many institutions are a long way from integrative thinking, where all the parts of the possible digital ecosystem are regarded. Strategic thinking is still grossly undervalued and unappreciated.


There isn’t much awareness of how vital and cost-saving good strategic planning can be. Analysing your target group can eliminate unnecessary processes in your business and save you money. Optimising the user journey through your channels to where you actually make a conversion (whether it is an inquire to a specific artwork, a product or a lead) helps you do more business.
So, maybe that extra money for strategic analysis is not such a bad idea after all – it will pay back pretty easy.


I hope we keep the positive digitisation trajectory for 2021 and we will be here to support you anytime.

I wish you a good and healthy holiday season and all the best for 2021!


Elbowbump and virtual hug,