Time for a Change, or why we Rebranded

I founded the agency in 2012, after years of freelancing madness. I think I’ve literally worked for every ad agency in Vienna. As soon as I had the money to put up the necessary capital for the company formation, I went for it.

Since then, I can proudly say – even if sometimes I wish I would have a “simple” 9-5 job – that we have grown (sometimes slower, sometimes faster) into a fun and dynamic team which ultimately is the company.

With time – and with the constant push of our stimulating and intellectual clients – we have started to implement more serious topics. Despite being a small team, gender equality, language usage, strategic vision, and work quality are discussed and deployed.

So even though we still believe in the force of the creative, handcrafted solutions we have always offered, we moved away from the “Manufaktur” and are growing into a more mature company with all the above themes integrated into our DNA as we expand even further.

The beginning of this year was an ideal starting point to redefine our strategy and to set new targets for 2019 and 2020. 

We clarified our strategy and set achivable goals working on our geographical diversification within the German and American markets.

This results in splitting into four distinct “working units” or divisions, called:


treat – art + knowledge
treat – products, apps + services
treat – commercial clients + campaigns
treat – sport sponsoring digital


Each division has its focus and can thus deliver a more precise and bespoke service to our clients.

After all this strategic work, it became clear: we are not the same company anymore. 

So, the decision was obvious: We have to redefine our company and communicate this to the outside world. 

We have so many intricate assignments and are dealing with complex topics that we needed a playful and versatile branding. After several brainstorming sessions, the name was born:




With this new name and look, and an additional focus on specific aspects within our four divisions, we want to provide a clear picture to our future clients with services tailored to individual needs.

We hope you like what we came up with and I am always thankful for feedback.