Why Your First Employee Should be a Copywriter

Many people I meet often don’t understand the importance of a copywriter. 
A possible reason might be a topic which keeps bubbling up – that the internet killed “reading.”  


So even though I secretly hope that most people will find this blog entry of mine not very new, I’d like to provide an answer to those, who are yet to understand why it is essential to pay for good copy. 


With the rise of social media and all the wilderness once called “viral videos,” there is still this (mis-)conception in a lot of (marketing) people’s heads, that all you need to do is produce glossy, catchy, and breathtaking content (aka videos) and all will be fine.

However, this is simplifying a task that needs much more consideration. Such an approach leads to clients thinking that they can save money by doing the copy themselves. 


The fact that great content is based on more than a good video is slowly spreading. 
In addition to high-quality video production, the content needs to be strategically crafted from the beginning. Nothing is more relevant to the content than a good story – which is formulated with good copy. You can have ever so many strategic thinkers at the table, but if you are not able to formulate their ideas into precise language, your genius strategy will fall flat.


In the beginning phase of our company, we have struggled with this a lot. We were rooted in programming, and it was a journey to discover that the most hindering factor to our creative success was the absence of a good copywriter.


We’ve had one on board for a while now (hey Karim and now Naa Teki) and it made a huge impact on quality. 


I still have to explain why this position needs to be financed in projects and how much work text is. Interestingly, in our experience, it is mostly the clients in art + knowledge who are very hesitant about budgeting for something they think they don’t need. Because they are very invested in their own text production, they believe it is done well. What needs to be explained the most is that a lot of text work still needs to be optimized. Not because it is bad, but because the text is for a different use. 


So, if you are just starting your business and want a hot tip: your first hire should be a copywriter.