Trying new Formats for Maximum Awareness

“We have observed that Instagram Reels can achieve up to 10 times more views than organically posted feed videos.”

Director, Commercial Clients

You don't have to follow every trend - but trying out new formats can bring a lot of benefits. For example, Instagram Reels are no longer a novelty, but in my opinion, are still used far too rarely by companies and brands.


The format, which has been available in the DACH region for more than half a year now, has enormous potential. We have observed that Instagram Reels can achieve up to 10 times more views than organically posted feed videos. Instagram Reels are also pushed accordingly by Instagram: On the one hand, they can be filtered relatively quickly in their own feed through the tab. But what’s even more valuable is that they are displayed very prominently on the Instagram Explore page and are highlighted on the home screen by clicking on the Reels tab, but also by suggested reels when scrolling through the feed.

Reels are Instagram's answer to TikTok

Back in 2016, Instagram challenged Snapchat with the introduction of the story format. With Reels, Instagram tried to copy TikTok last year. And rightly so: users can achieve enormous reach on TikTok! Six-figure views are not uncommon there.

Reach: IG vs. TikTok

But one thing still distinguishes Instagram from TikTok: Instagram (apart from the Explore page) plays content from other users to the users who follow them. TikTok, on the other hand, plays videos to users based on user behaviour – you don't have to follow anyone for that. Instagram Reels are a great extension for Instagram, but they won't be able to replace TikTok. This is also because TikTok has an entirely different target group. The content that is consumed and produced on TikTok is also still very different from Instagram. 

Productions should be planned to get the most out of content

The appropriate formats should always be considered when producing video content. Often, feed postings for social media are only included, if at all, in classic productions. But full-screen story formats (9:16) should always be taken into account – for example, a 15-second video can be used both for organic playout in the feed and for story advertising with only minor text adjustments for paid media. 

You need a good strategy

Of course, posting a new Instagram Reel every single day is of little use in the long run, and the format may not be suitable for all brands. Because without a solid strategy, the impact will be smaller. It is also important to test new content formats and approaches and adapt the learnings in your strategy. 




The use of Reels for galleries

You might be wondering what this means for smaller galleries who can’t afford big or even small productions. We have good news for you! You can use the new Reels format quite effectively if you create animated clips with photography, typography and sound. 

Obviously, it still needs to be high quality, so ideally book an agency for this task – it is still only a fraction of video production costs.
The 15-second format is perfect for visual teasers – never underestimate the mitigating power of a clip with good short content. Ideally these clips – also due to their extensive reach – can work nicely with CTAs to direct the user’s attention to an exhibition, an OVR or a longer story. 

If you are curious about a couple of examples we did, check out our reels for LAYR or for Jahn und Jahn.
Art Basel already used their Reels heavily to promote their OVRs, and the views on them are quite impressive.

Speaking of 15-seconds of interesting content: the Rijksmuseum produces amazing clips for TikTok that are the perfect example on how to drive attention to complex topics in an environment where they have to compete for attention.

So, in short: get ‘reelin’ and let us know if we can help you with anything.

Elbow bumps, 

Lisa and Istvan