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Orehab Minds


Orehab Minds is an innovator on the dental supply market. Their consumer-friendly products and services are about to mix up the B2B dental market. The game-changing innovations of their Digital Reporting Services BRUX and CHEW are about to revolutionize and simplify dental diagnostics and oral rehabilitation.

We created a strategy to launch their new products on the market, targeting B2B as well as B2C. We have integrated their extensive knowledge of dental health in a central database that is accessible externally ( and serves as the hub for B2B activities. The database links to our social media management system and creates custom landing pages (

The influencer part of the campaign revolves around a doctor finder. It allows a "zero-click" approach to finding the doctors that are offering Orehab Minds services directly on the Orehab Minds website.

We just started the rollout and are happy about reaching our first target KPIs for reach and CTR.

Here is a visual clip of our entire production that led to more than 90 social media assets.