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VOGT is an international landscape architecture company with studios in Zurich, London, Berlin and Paris. We created a state-of-the-art website for them to strengthen their brand and its representation, as well as to support the acquisition of new projects. 


Providing searchability

Building a searchable knowledge database was paramount to creating a website for VOGT. Since the interdisciplinary architecture studio is pretty busy, there are a lot of case studies, news and current projects to showcase. We decided to put them centre stage and thus make the VOGT landingpage varied and always current.  For an in-depth insight into their current practice, we implemented the searchable “Case Studio”. This way, users can browse, filter or search their VOGT’s projects as well as their archive.

Defining the CI 

Our clear and simple design for VOGT helps brand building – especially when it comes to social media. We used a concise visual language utilising white space and negative space to focus on the important things: showcasing VOGT’s impressive projects. 


Implementing our own content management tool: Lecker!
Our open-source CMS, Lecker, forms the basis of our knowledge database and is easy to navigate. With linked and related articles iIt also enables our clients to create individual social media posts straight from entries into our database. Additionally, it boosts a scheduling and calendar function and makes planning easy thanks to a content plan tool.  

Login to explore more

We enabled registered users to discover even more projects, like “Wunderkammer”, once they log in. It is also possible to save projects as “Favorites” and to create several collections. 


Visit the website here.